Friday, October 17, 2008

Blue Jay #296

I had seen recent e-mail reports that a couple of vagrant blue jays had been seen in the Treasure Valley, but due to time commitments to family and work I didn't see an opportunity to go chasing after new life birds.  About a week later, while up at Avimor, I happened upon Michael Wiegand who informed me that a Blue Jay had been hanging out at his place in Pearl.  Immediately I determined to take the long-way back from Avimor to the office.  It was a slow Friday anyway, so what would it hurt!

The Blue Jay was heard before it was seen.  I didn't recognize the sound as being a Blue Jay, I just knew it was different.  After about ten minutes it popped out into the open to munch on Michael's abundance of seed.  

Blue Jay's are a beautiful bird and I understand that they are very common in other parts of the country, but I was grateful to see one for myself since becoming a birder.