Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red-eyed Vireo #301

Being a father of four small children and working two jobs, it is sometimes hard to get out and "chase" the birds that get reported on the IBLE (Idaho Birders Linked Electronically) website. But, Harry Krueger reported this one from a location just north of Horseshoe Bend, which isn't far from Avimor. Right off of Highway 55 is a sign for Porter Creek Rd (shown on some maps as Jerusalem Rd.) The creek runs into the river under highway 55, but on that east side, there are trees running up the creek draw.
It was a blustery Friday evening, but I was able to convince the wife and kids to go on a drive so daddy could see this life bird. The wind was so bad up that canyon that I didn't see much but Lazuli Buntings, Spotted Towhee, and an American Kestrel. My hat blew off my head down into the shrubs along the creek. I had to dodge all kinds of poison oak to get it back. There was also a pretty cool gopher snake that Kyle and I got to see.
Anyway, we continued up the canyon driving on Jerusalem Rd until we got to the pines. It was a beautiful drive and we saw several other birds. On the way back we decided to stop again at the location where Red-eyed Vireos had been seen. I got our my Zune BirdJam player to play the sound so I would know what to listen for and we had two Red-eyed Vireos pop right up in the tree next to the car. I turned the bird call off immediately as I didn't want to stress them out, but it was surprising how quickly they responded to the call of their own kind.

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